Sunday, October 4, 2009

beef bourguignon

Last weekend me and my grand-ma embarked on a dangerous adventure. Two My parents surprise ( we are going vegetarian for 2 weeks) we made beef bourguignon.
Right now two thoughts are probably crossing your head. 1. Was it from Alice waters cook book? No
2. Is it simple? NO NO NO NO... My mom just called me but don't worry I will not let you down. I solemnly swear to finish this next week end. TO BE CONTINUED.........

p.s. cough cough please not to much home work next weekend please cough cough. - the youngest

here I am three weeks later... I am just going to pick up where I left off. I was at my Nana's kitchen table looking down on the Julia child cook book. There were so many steps to the beef bourguignon. WE decided to be cheaters we made the regular beef stew and added mushrooms and braised onions. Don't tell any one because its a secret. WE went into the kitchen and there sat tuns and tuns of big blocks of meat. My grandma instructed me to pull out one of the sharpest biggest knife in her kitchen and to start feroususly attacking the meat.

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