Friday, August 28, 2009

An introduction

When I am doing any thing I find the best way to start is an introduction, so hear it goes.

Jackie. Mother, Grandmother
Margi. Daughter, Aunt
Anna. Granddaughter, Niece

One thing we all love. To Cook.

Many people love to cook. Some people like it because it is calming or relaxing. Some do it because they simply love food. But we (I think) all love it because it is something you can do that is creative and also just really fun. So when our family gets together some of us watch sports, some of us swim, some of us chat it up and some of us cook.

As I am writing, a new copy of The Art of Simple Foods is sitting write next to me waiting to be opened and looked through, torn and worn. It’s waiting to be one of those cookbooks that you saved in you cabinet full of notes and doodles that you have made 30 years ago.
But of course its not. So as I am staring at the cover I wonder who is Alice Waters? Yes I know she is a cook but what was she famous for? What is she doing now? So as I dive into this cookbook and look at all the wonderful and not so wonderful recipes I will learn a lot along with my aunt and Nana.

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