Sunday, August 30, 2009

The middle one

Hi:  I am Margi the 41 year old, in between the 12 and 72 (?) year old.  When people ask me why I can cook with such happiness and ease, I tell them that I grew up in the kitchen and my mom was a cooking teacher.  In my NYC apartment I have a picture of her in her Martha Logan uniform with a hunk of lamb in front of her and some cheese puffs on sticks.  (she now purports to being a vegetarian who seems to always be cooking and eating pork.  hrm.  Although that sounds annoying, our family gets lots of mileage laughing about it.)  Okay... for my first Alice Waters memory:  for my 16th birthday my parents took me and my best friend at the time to Chez Panisse for dinner.  It was an exquisite experience that blew my mind.  I don't remember what we ate, but I do remember reporting to my friends that they could have served me poop and made it delectable.  Is a 16 year old supposed to be done with potty talk?  Ever since that dinner, I have had an awareness of Alice Waters.  And I am ready to roll.  (drum roll.....) and our first recipe is.......? 

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