Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Checking sources and trying new methods

I've just made made a quick veggie broth in which I will poach salmon soon. Here I am 73, the former cooking teacher and Martha Logan and Julia Child enthusiast, and I've never made Court Bouillon or paid any attention to the fact that it exists.

But, Alice Waters let me down! In attempting to be more of a vegetarian, I went to Simple Food where I expected to find a mouth watering recipe for a vegetable broth rather than chicken or beef. No help from Alice, but she steered me towards reading about Court Bouillon which I found interesting. So I looked to see if Julia had a recipe for Court Bouillon; sure enough. Then, Irma; sure enough. (And both had a recipe for vegetable broth, as well). Since I have salmon in the frig waiting to be cooked, and when I saute it over high heat I dislike the odor, I decided to poach it in CB. This will be a first.

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  1. i've had the same frustration with Simple Food, what is has is great, but it's a limited selection of recipes, some basics, but not all the basics. But I've loved so many things i've made from there- cranberry upsidedown cake (beautiful and easy) and the sugar/butter cookies are truly the best i've ever eaten in my life. The panna cotta was also great, but very very rich. I'll be interested to read your findings, what a great multi-generational project!