Wednesday, September 2, 2009

No more Court Bouillon for us... least not using the Simple Food recipe. The poached salmon was the worst salmon I've ever tasted, and it was the wild Alaskan king variety. It was dry and strong and acidic tasting. Alice's recipe had a very high % of white wine to water, more than suggested by Julia or Irma; maybe that was the reason.
But wait let's not jump to conclusions; I can't just blame Alice's recipe; cooking is an art and a science.
Maybe I over cooked it a bit, maybe the salmon had been caught 4-5-6 days before I bought it on Monday, maybe the 2 tsp. of salt in the recipe was a necessary ingredient to counterbalance the acid in the wine (I skipped it because of Papa's heart condition.)
So Alice is off the hook, but next time I decide to cook salmon, I'm going to quiz the butcher about the freshness of the fish, and put up with the smell in the house from the sauteing process, and use my own judgement about ingredient quantities in recipes!

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