Tuesday, March 16, 2010



Justine and Co. came to town, and Lobster Rolls came to mind. My first Lobster Roll was from Pearl on Cornelia street, about 13 years ago when Justine, Robert, Michael and I used to play euchre. Now, I am a full expert after scouring both Long Island and Cape Cod, in search of the perfect LR.
On a massively blustery day, I rode my bike to Chelsea Market where I picked up our preordered buns from Amy's (I swore we could use any cheap hot dog buns, but MC knew about Amy's special rolls), lobster from the Lobster Co. and some Gus's pickles.
I got it all home it tact and we chopped the lobster, put in a heap of mayo, lemon and a scoop of some herbs in oil that we had in the fridge. When dinner finally rolled around, we slathered butter in the cast iron to get a perfect toast and heaped on the salad. Fin tried to hog the lobster salad AND the roll.


  1. that looks so good lets make it when u come to town -Anna

  2. i have not had dinner yet. if only i could eat THAT. euchre?