Thursday, March 18, 2010

What to do when you grate more carrots than needed for carrot cake!

Anna and I had a wonderful day together after her conference with teacher and parents. After lunch at Greens, where Anna had never been and has declared that it is her favorite restaurant, we made carrot cupcakes. (We didn't peel the carrots so that they were more nutritious. Anna scrubbed them well!)
We didn't know how to estimate the number of carrots we'd need and ended up with 5 cups instead of the 4 as required by the recipe. We covered the extra cup and refrigerated it.
After the PBS News Hour, I got a brilliant idea--had to be clever because I've not been to the grocery store for 5 days--and decided to make a salad that we used to make in the 50s and 60s: grated carrot raisin salad! I had a little mayo with lemon already mixed and put some oil and lemon juice in, too. Suddenly our salad was substantual in that I had a half of avocado and 3 radishes in the frig.
Do you see some little pea pods on the plate? I just picked those from my garden at 6 PM. Sweet and delicious--raw.

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