Sunday, August 29, 2010

The blog meeting in disguise

If you saw my grandmother my aunt and I driving down the road you would have guessed we were having an ordinary conversation, but no our topic was it was official, we had our first blog meeting, in the car.
The meeting was started by the many emails being sent between us consisting of one simple sentence, "we need to post more", and as I think all of us can agree this statement is correct. Okay lets face it people last year we were LAME, like the kind of lame that Sharpay says to Gabriella, ohh yes... that lame. But this week being our anniversary we are doing every thing in our power to counteract this strong lame energy for this year. We have made some blog amendments:

1. always spell check!
2. put less pictures, but bigger pictures!
3. longer post with more detail (Margi cough cough)
4. each person pick a book and do a few recipes out of that book!
5. and last but most importantly... each person post every other week!

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