Saturday, August 28, 2010


Hello my dear readers,
This week has been a week of discoveries, about blogs, life, and food! The long list starts here:
1. I have discovered that food can bring people together:
Okay lets face it what cant food do... any way, this week I had a fabulous week with my family, all of us together, at the beach, relaxing. But I feel as though I owe the success of this week to the food and the meals bring us all together. And of course with the food comes the laborers, farmers, shoppers, cooks, and consumers(most of all!!), so a huge thank you and imaginary round of applause for them!!! We had many wonderful conversations that not only were funny and random, but meaningful and interesting! Thanks food!!

2. I have discovered that our blog only has four followers (two of which being me, hey its okay to love yourself):
I suppose that's our fault for only posting 39 posts this year. This bring up to other subject first of which being... Phylis!!! A huge thank you to Phylis for being the only non family member follower and giving us the inspiration to start this blog!! Phylis has an amazing blog about food called dash and Bella!! It is super lovely, and cool, and amazing, and yummy. She is a fab author and photographer!!! So lets also give an imaginary round of applause to Phylis !!!!

The second point I was going to get to is that this is our blog anniversary, or... blogaversary (that was also Phyllis's idea,thanks) . Since this is a new blog year I am going to make a new years resolution: I, Anna, will post every other weekend, about awesome stuff!

( so much for a long list!!!)



  1. woohoo! and congratulations on your blogiversary. and thanks for the "imaginary round of applause." i don't think i've gotten one before! can't wait to see what you all are cooking this year. maybe we can cook together? must be amazing to have margi and the boys here. here's to another year of blogging...

  2. thanx!!! That would be amazing to to cook together!!! It is so, so fun to have m,m,and f here!!!! hope to see you guys soon:)